Are there any prefrences in term of accepting foreign currencies in Iran?

The following currencies can be exchanged in Iran:


CAD(Canadian Dollars)

JPY( Japanese Yen )
CHF(Swiss Franc)

UAE Dirham
Saudi Ryals

We highly recommend you to get your Iranian debit gift card to avoid getting into trouble. Payment by Bitcoin is possible.

& Advices from The central office of security department of cultural heritage, handicraft and tourism of Iran
Dear Tourist
In order to provide you with more information, better security measures and to avoid being tricked and more especially due to your lack of Persian knowledge, you are strongly and kindly recommended to pursue the following statements:
1-Observe Islamic hijab(veiling)
2-In case of running into suspicious people or being annoyed let your hotel or tour operator know and in case of emergency for Criminal issues please phone 110 or visit the nearest police station.
3-For having any ride and using the vehicle, arrange with your hotel manager.
4-In case of coming across those who claim to be the police officer, ask them to show you an ID card and remember they should have the uniform on, plus ID card.
5-Avoid Walking around at night (11 p.m. to 8.a.m) in uncrowded place.
6-You’d better have a tour leader when traveling and if you wish to travel alone, you’re recommended to have licensed tour guide.
7-You’re expected to use Taxi and buses with specified license (avoid using the car with no license on them)
8-You're recommended writing down or memorizing the number plate or code of Taxis and buses you travel with it.
9-Don’t forget to leave your documents and precious stuff in the deposit of your hotel, hold a copy of your passport with yourself and use the debit card instead of cash.
10-Hold the hotel manager’s phone number by yourself in case of emergency situation.